Welcome to NetworkedRadio.NET

NetworkedRadio.net is a community effort to improve radio coverage in a variety of radio facets via the Internet.


Some of our efforts include:



The Automatic Position Reporting System tracking amateur radio beacons, weather stations, text messages, and more!

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Our goals include firm plans to fundamentally change the way APRS packets are handled, reducing traffic on the shared CSMA/CA frequency of 144.390mhz by implementation of high altitude digipeaters and concious efforts to work with existing digipeater owners to dial in their settings for optimum frequency re-use throughout all of New England. 

Efforts started in 2014 via the Monadnock/Souhegan Valley area with N3LLO and N3LEE working together; and continuous efforts have been made since to change the way that packets are handled to minimize re-transmission (unless it needs to be digi-peated) 






The Automatic Dependent Surveillence-Broadcast  (Flightaware.net) receive only system tracking Aircraft Telemetry and messaging!  

This uses 1090mhz receivers to populate data to flightaware.net and is more of N3LLO's project.   Pairing these receivers with the higher altitude iGate APRS sites seemed to be a natural solve to contribute valuable data to both sets of databases.





The Internet Radio Linking Project - Link simplex and/or repeaters together far and wide - IRLP provides a free way to keep in touch with amateurs world-wide.

 More in 2017!




100% Digital Radio Technologies utilizing IP backbones




Provides auto-configuring MESH networking using custom firmware on COTS hardware. First Test Nodes going live in 2017-2018!