What's THIS all about? 

Having lived near one another for ~3 years, Lee - N3LEE and Matt, N3LLO; were both active in APRS Developments within the Souhegan Valley area of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire -- began noticing the effectiveness in the coupling of Lee's new Digipeater coupled to one of Matt's I-Gates.  With no former knowledge of one another; Matt and Lee got together to discuss and analyze the results, realizing that there were many opportunities yet to be had. A new plan was launched to begin deploying several APRS Digipeaters and I-Gates throughout Worcester County Massachusetts, as well as Hillsborough, Merrimack, and Cheshire County New Hampshire.   

As we've grown the number of nodes and effectiveness of coupling these systems together; we've found ourselves inundated with e-mails asking "how" we're doing what we are -- and what the general concept is behind the gear.   This website is our attempt to explain the architecture behind our design.

Digipeater Callsigns

As of today, all digipeaters bear N3LEE calls, and all I-gates bear N3LLO calls.   Other organizations looking to collaborate should reach out to us!   We're looking to optimize traffic flow!